The TodPod is a 3 in 1 multi-functional bag that converts into a table and chair for a child. It has been designed as an activity station to ease everyday life for families with children – inside as well as outside the home.

3 IN 1

The flexible system, innovative design elegantly combines functionality and provides as many as 3 alternative functions.


The Bag enables the child to carry Colouring books, crayons, toys, lunch box, juice bottle etc


The Table packs neatly into the lid of the bag enabling the compartment to fulfil its complete storage capabilities.


The Bag when closed, and pop out feet released, provides an inviting and comfortable seat for the child  thus making it a safe and fun chair for use indoors or outdoors.


3 Add-Ons


Building Blocks

The Building Block add-on comes with building block board attachment and a set of building blocks


Black Board

The Blackboard add-on comes with blackboard attachment and chalk.


White Board

The White Board add-on comes with a white board attachment and white board marker


TodPod Revolution


An excellently thought through product and there is something very positive about children of this age taking ownership of their own space through a tool like this. The fact that they can carry it themselves aids in this sense of ownership and independence.
Samantha Bester, Occupational Therapist
I love the Tod Pod!!!
As a mom and also one who cares for other people’s children, I learned early in life that little ones need a place to call their own.The Todpod is a fantastic innovative response to these needs. Plus easy to throw in the car and keep clean and adaptable to a greater variety of situations.
Love it!!
Elisabeth May Pontius, Quesnel, British Columbia
The TodPod makes life easier
It’s one of the most awesome inventions that has come out over the last few years.It’s nothing like the conventional tables and chairs for toddlers that are available on the market today. There’s also packing space for toys, coloring books, pencil cases, and other accessories. If you have a toddler this might just be the product that will make your life and theirs a lot easier.
Henno Kruger, Winner African Blogger Awards 2015


Age: 3 – 5 gears old
Weight: Maximum weight used on the Table – 7kg, Maximum weight used on the Chair 25kg

The TodPod is available in 3 different colour combinations.
Blue and green, Pink and Green and Purple and Green

Yes, send us an email at info@millionbabg.co.za for more information.
USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, Germany, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China, South Africa, Spain, France.
We will start manufacturing in August, and shipping will start in December.
Just use a mild detergent and soft cloth to easily clean the TodPod.